QRI periodically holds programs for interns and visiting scholars. The pieces this produces are often a unique synthesis of personal intuitions and QRI ideas & frames. These are not necessarily part of ‘QRI canon' but generally there's a lot to like.

Kenneth Shinozuka: A Very Preliminary Theory of Consciousness and Time

Kenneth Shinozuka: Graph Harmonics and Energy Landscapes

Kenneth Shinozuka: Mutual Information and Neural Coherence

Quintin Frerichs: Treating Cluster Headaches Using N,N-DMT and Other Tryptamines

Quintin Frerichs: Using Ibogaine to Create Friendlier Opioids

Quintin Frerichs: Wada Test + Phenomenal Puzzles: Testing the Independent Consciousness of Individual Brain Hemispheres

Andrew Zuckerman: Super Free Will

Andrew Zuckerman: I: All Anyone Cares About is Consciousness

Andrew Zuckerman: II: Donating to QRI Today is Like Buying Bitcoin in 2010

Jeremy Hadfield: The Paradoxes Of Joy And Suffering Abolition In Nietzsche

QRI Sweden:

We have a vision of QRI-aligned research clusters spanning the world, all working on pieces of consciousness research in ways that are likely to maintain compatibility with the QRI memeplex. We've been very glad to find such a cluster forming in Sweden.

Maggie Wassinge and Anders Amelin: Letters I & II

Maggie Wassinge and Anders Amelin: Letters III, IV, V, and VI

Maggie Wassinge and Anders Amelin: On the Evolution of the Phenomenal Self (and Other Communications from QRI Sweden)