Building a New Science of Consciousness

Founded in 2018, the Qualia Research Institute (QRI) is a 501(c)(3) non-profit dedicated to developing a mathematical formalization for subjective experience and its emotional valence. Guided by the Importance-Tractability-Neglectedness (ITN) framework, our rigorous research aims to map the state-space of consciousness. We collaborate with a network of academics, independent researchers, and thought leaders, all committed to suffering-focused ethics and creating technologies that enhance the well-being of sentient beings.

Recent Publications

A Consciousness Think Tank

Our think tank model uniquely allows for developing language that accurately describes exotic experiences. Standard recollection of textures, dynamics, and phenomena decays rapidly over time. Our method sustains detailed memory, keeping the "flame of knowledge" alive.

Third-Person Studies

Third-Person Scientific Studies

Academia: Questionnaires, neuroimaging, psychophysics, word analysis...


Individual Explorer

Individual Explorer

Psychonaut/Meditator: goes deep on his or her own. E.g., John Lilly, Terence McKenna, Christopher Bache, etc.


Think Tank Model

Think Tank Model

Qualia Research Institute: a critical mass of smart, introspective individuals driven to faithfully characterize the phenomenology and the observed dynamics of exotic states.

Hands-on Consciousness Research

Phenomenological Reporting

Phenomenological Reporting

We believe phenomenological reporting that focuses on the texture and structure of subjective experiences, rather than just the narrative content, is critical for advancing the scientific understanding of exotic states of consciousness.

Learn how to report on experiences Read reports focusing on phenomenal character
Psychophysics Toolkit

Psychophysics Toolkit

We developed the Tracer Replication Tool to quantify the intricate visual textures induced by exotic states, paving the way for a more rigorous phenomenology of consciousness. This tool allows us to precisely characterize different states, substances, and practices and relate these textures to higher-level effects on cognition, emotion, and world-building.

Learn the science behind the tool Try the tool

Qualia Mastery

We created this series for meditators to gain deeper self-knowledge and enhance their practice. Whether they are a novice or seasoned practitioner, we believe these meditations can provide profound new phenomenological insights into their consciousness research toolkits.

Qualia Mastery Part 1 Qualia Mastery Part 2

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